It’s got to start somewhere and this news couldn’t make me happier.

Ryan Williams (right) and his partner Logan McDaniels (right) with there 2021 WWBT lake Shasta Team trophies

Last week fellow DBB team member Ryan C Willams teamed up with a conventional fishermen Logan McDaniels to win the Wild West team tournament on Lake Shasta in Northern California. Ryan fished what he loves; the float and fly and in the end of the day him and his fly rods contributed their share of the fish to the bag. While I can’t say exactly what fly Ryan was using. I can say it’s one of his favorite winter patters and if you head over to his Instagram and give him a follow. I’m sure you will see it hanging out of the mouth of a spotted bass any day. This win puts a huge spotlight on the float and fly, and has turned the heads of lots of conventional fishermen. Fly sales have gone through the roof for balanced flies not only from Ryan but from me as well. This exposure is needed to grow the sport and has shown people fly fishing doesn’t have to stop when the weather and water gets cold. Ok first post is done now to go fish.

Ryan Williams winning trophy next to his tying station.

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