Fishing Report Don Pedro 1-21-21

We started our day on Don Pedro a little later than normal on this trip getting on the water at 8am. But Captain Bryce and I don’t like the cold and we wanted to let the sun get up. The fish didn’t care and this time of year it doesn’t seem to matter that much. We fished the whole day in the Tuolumne river arm fishing several different bluff walls and rocky points. The bite was not crazy but was consistent and fish were feeding. The actual bite was soft with most fish just causing the indicator to sag slightly in the water and we caught a few fish that we didn’t know were there till we started striping.

The hot flies were 1/16oz Rainbow Sparkle Bunnies and 1/16oz black Jiggy Bugger. Fished at anywhere from 9-11 feet. Deeper definitely got a few more bites. All the other foothill lakes are fishing very similar right now. Head on over to our online store to get all your float and fly needs taken care of.

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