Fishing report 2-6-21

Well the rain has passed and it moved a few of the bass around as it did. We found a lot more fish around incoming water this week moving away from the points where we found them last week. Whether that be a small trickle of water off the rock wall or a fully fledged named creek flowing into the lake. If there was water flowing we found bass around it.

Artsy shot
For once the camera is looking at only me. This was a nice point with 2 misses. The bite has been really light.

Flies have not changed much; with darker colors still producing the better fish. My suggestion would be start early with a dark color like a black or purple Jiggy Bugger and as the day progresses transition to a bait fish pattern such as the Shad or Rainbow Sparkle Bunny.

The bite on the California Delta has not changed much. The storms will bury the fish up but they come back out quickly this time of year. This time of year you need to be ready to drag small heavy flies like a 1/8oz micro Jig Fly deep. My top colors this time of year are pretty simple black and blue if the sun is out and black and red if it cloudy. It’s a rule my dad has had for years and it has worked for us well over the years.

There’s no reason to wake up early. I don’t like the cold and the mid morning bite has been on fire lately.

On a side note the DBB crew will be headed up to Clearlake for a couple of days at the end of the month with the Delta Fly Fishers(go join them if you’re local). Brian is on a mission to catch a monster. I just want to catch a bunch of crappie. However during that time I may be unavailable for questions,but this is the beauty of the online fly shop I will be open for business as usual and will get back to you as soon as I can. Now go fish and set the hook like you mean it.

Hopefully this Clearlake trip will have better weather. Even if I did get a nice double rainbow pic last year.

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