Bass Fishing report – January 15, 2020

Delta In the delta in winter start deep and slow. Wherever you find a fish slow down and focus on that area and areas that are similar. I have had days on the delta where all my fish came off one spot. Not that I didn’t hit more spots but only one was right toContinue reading “Bass Fishing report – January 15, 2020”

Float and fly? Who

If you have been living under a rock and you haven’t heard of the float and fly, I hope this post helps you learn what you need to know to get started catching winter time spotted bass. Equipment It doesn’t get more simple in the fly fishing world. While you could spend hours finding theContinue reading “Float and fly? Who”

It’s got to start somewhere and this news couldn’t make me happier.

Last week fellow DBB team member Ryan C Willams teamed up with a conventional fishermen Logan McDaniels to win the Wild West team tournament on Lake Shasta in Northern California. Ryan fished what he loves; the float and fly and in the end of the day him and his fly rods contributed their share ofContinue reading “It’s got to start somewhere and this news couldn’t make me happier.”